Servicing package

Aircon Services

At Best Tech, we provide air-con servicing works for residential premises. Our technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced in repair and maintenance of all air conditioners. On top of that, we offer competitive prices for all our services. We stay fully committed to ensuring all our clients are satisfied with the way we provide our services.

Service Contract Packages
• Applicable only for Residential use
• Applicable only for new aircon system purchased
• Applicable for 24,000 BTU and below
• Our Servicing Contract are not transferable
• Not included but available options: Chemical Wash Condenser Unit Servicing

(Rates varies depend on models)

Service Contract Job Scope

Remove and wash covers: This involves taking off the outer covers of the air conditioning unit to access the internal components and then cleaning these covers.
• Washing of filters: The filters in an air conditioning unit need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper airflow and to prevent dust and debris buildup, which can affect the efficiency of the unit.
• Brushing and cleaning of cooling coils: Cooling coils can accumulate dirt and grime over time, which can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Cleaning them helps maintain optimal cooling performance.
• Clearing of drain pipes (Prevention of water leakage): The drain pipes in an air conditioning system remove condensation and water buildup. Clearing them prevents blockages that can lead to water leakage inside the unit or in the surrounding area.
• Checking of operation pressure (Condensing unit): This involves checking the pressure levels in the condensing unit to ensure that it is operating within the recommended range for optimal performance.
• Checking of drainage system: In addition to clearing drain pipes, this likely involves inspecting the entire drainage system to ensure there are no leaks or blockages that could lead to water damage.
• Lubricating of all movement parts: Lubricating moving parts helps reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and extending the lifespan of the air conditioning system.
• Checking of wiring connection: Inspecting wiring connections helps identify any loose or damaged connections that could pose a safety risk or affect the operation of the unit.
• Test run of system: After completing the maintenance tasks, it's important to test the air conditioning system to ensure that it is functioning correctly and efficiently.
• Top up of gas: This involves adding refrigerant gas to the system if needed to maintain optimal cooling performance.

Overall, these tasks are essential for ensuring the proper functioning, efficiency, and longevity of an air conditioning system.

For Aircon service & maintenance enquiries, please call our hotline at 6743 3777